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4M Kidz Labs Magnet Science 3291

Type: Educational

Spark the curiosity of young scientists with the 4M Kidz Labs Magnet Science kit. This engaging set of materials is designed to introduce children aged 8 and up to the principles of magnetism and the properties of magnets. Through a combination of fun science experiments and games, children can explore and learn about the effects of magnetism in an interactive and hands-on way. The kit includes all the necessary components, such as magnets, a compass, and iron filings, to conduct various experiments and activities. Create interactive magnetic objects like the Super Power Horseshoe Magnet and the Magnet Wand. Construct the Super Magnet Racer, a Yacht Compass, or a Mysterious Dangler. Engage in activities like the Fishing Game, which provide hours of fun while imparting knowledge about the effects of magnetism. The Magnet Science Kit is not only educational but also enjoyable, encouraging children to delve into the fascinating world of science. The kit comes with a detailed instruction manual to guide young scientists through the experiments and activities. It's a perfect choice for children who are interested in science and hands-on learning. Challenge your child's imagination with 4M toys and kits, which cover a wide range of educational subjects including science, arts and crafts, and robotics. Discover the joy of learning through interactive play with the 4M Kidz Labs Magnet Science kit, available at Toyzoona.