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4M Solar System Mobile Making Kit 32256

Type: Educational

Embark on an educational journey through space with the 4M Solar System Mobile Making Kit 32256! This engaging craft kit allows children to create their own colorful and detailed mobile of the solar system.

The kit includes everything needed to bring the solar system to life, including foam planets, glow-in-the-dark stars, and a full set of assembly instructions. Children can paint the foam planets to resemble their real-life counterparts, adding a personal touch to their mobile. The plastic stars easily attach to the mobile frame, creating a stunning visual display.

Once assembled, the completed mobile is a captivating decoration for any child's bedroom or classroom. The planets glow in the dark, creating a mesmerizing and educational display as they spin around the central sun.

With a size of 42cm in height and 42cm in width, this giant mobile is an impressive addition to any space-themed decor. It provides an interactive and hands-on way for children to learn about the solar system and the wonders of outer space.

The 4M Solar System Mobile Making Kit is suitable for children aged 8 years and above, making it an ideal choice for educational projects and science lessons. It offers an immersive experience that combines creativity, learning, and visual appeal.

Discover the beauty of the solar system with the 4M Solar System Mobile Making Kit, available exclusively at toyzoona. Watch as your child's imagination takes flight and their knowledge of space expands. Get ready for an out-of-this-world crafting adventure!