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Barbie Sun N Sand Reveal Gwc57

Discover the excitement of unboxing with the Barbie Sun N Sand Reveal Gwc57
Color Reveal dolls. Each doll in the Sand and Sun Series comes with seven
surprises that will keep kids entertained. Unwrap the packaging and pull the
strip to reveal a clear tube, hiding a mysterious pink marble Color Reveal
doll and four surprise bags. Fill the tube with warm water and watch as the
water turns pastel pink, revealing the doll's features when she is pulled out.

Every doll in this series has a unique combination of eye color, molded hair,
skin tone, and decorated swimsuit. But the surprises don't end there! Open the
bags to discover a cover-up, a pair of shoes, an accessory, and a towel. The
doll's hair and accessory can also undergo a color-change transformation when
exposed to ice-cold water, adding to the excitement and fun.

The Sand and Sun Series is all about beach and summer vibes, making it perfect
for imaginative play. Store the doll and accessories in the tube for easy
storage and transport. Collect multiple dolls to mix and match accessories and
expand the possibilities for playtime adventures.

Suitable for children aged 3 years and up, the Barbie Sun N Sand Reveal Gwc57
Color Reveal dolls make a fantastic gift. Kids can immerse themselves in the
joy of unboxing and create endless stories with Barbie and her beach-themed

Get your hands on these dolls at Toyzoona and let the fun in the sun begin!