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Cry Baby 174760

KSh2,500.00 Regular price KSh4,600.00
Looking for a popular and lifelike toy doll that will bring endless joy to
your child's playtime? Look no further than the Cry Baby 174760 available at
Toyzoona! This doll is specially designed to replicate the behavior of a real
crying baby, providing an immersive and lifelike play experience.

With its range of facial expressions and sounds, the Cry Baby doll adds an
extra layer of realism, captivating children's imagination. It comes complete
with accessories like a pacifier, bottle, and even scissors, allowing children
to engage in nurturing and caregiving play.

The Cry Baby doll is designed to foster interactive and imaginative play,
encouraging children to explore role-playing and pretend play scenarios. Its
realistic crying and interactive features create a fun and engaging playtime
for young children.

Discover the joy and excitement of play with the Cry Baby 174760 doll,
available now at Toyzoona. Watch as your child engages with this lifelike and
interactive companion, experiencing endless moments of laughter and fun.