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Dos Card Game

Experience double the fun with the Dos Card Game, now available at Toyzoona!
Created by the same makers of the beloved Uno, Dos introduces an exciting
twist to the classic card game. Players compete to reach 200 points by
strategically matching numbers and colors, aiming to empty their hand before
their opponents. With special "Dos" cards that add a thrilling layer of
excitement and strategy, this game breathes new life into traditional card

Dos is perfect for game nights, gatherings, or family fun, accommodating 2 to
4 players. Prepare for hours of thrilling card-playing action as you challenge
your friends or family members individually or in teams. The objective is
simple: be the first to discard all your cards. Keep an eye out for the
special WILD cards that can change the game in an instant.

While matching numbers is crucial, you'll earn bonus points for matching
colors as you race towards a score of 200. And here's an extra twist: if you
manage to go out first, you'll earn points for the cards left in your
opponents' hands, giving you an edge on your path to victory.

As the game approaches its climax with just two cards remaining, don't forget
to yell "DOS!" to announce your impending victory. Don't miss out on this
exhilarating card game—get your hands on the Dos Card Game at Toyzoona and
prepare for a double dose of fun and excitement!