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Ibaby Rocker

Type: Infant Toys
Introducing the iBaby Rocker - a versatile and stimulating infant to toddler
rocker that grows with your baby! This baby rocker bouncer is perfect for
unisex use and comes in a delightful pink color, available at Toyzoona.

Designed to provide comfort and entertainment for your little one, this rocker
features a deep cradle seat with calming vibrations, creating a soothing
environment for napping or feeding. The fold-out kickstand and reclining seat
ensure optimal positioning for your baby's needs.

The iBaby Rocker is not just a seat, but also an interactive play area. The
toy bar with bat-at toys and musical toys stimulates baby senses and
encourages sensory exploration and play. The toy bar can be easily removed for
toddler playtime as well.

For added convenience, the seat pad is removable and machine washable, making
cleaning a breeze. As your baby grows, this rocker adapts to their changing
needs, serving as a seat for play, feeding, and rest, accommodating little
ones up to 40 lbs or 18 kg.

Invest in the iBaby Rocker, a must-have for your baby's development and
enjoyment, available at Toyzoona. Let your little one explore, play, and relax
in this versatile and entertaining baby rocker bouncer, offering endless hours
of comfort and fun.

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