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King Of Speed 45Km H


Unleash the King of Speed 45Km/h Car for Kids, the ultimate thrill machine now available at Toyzoona! This incredible ride-on car is designed to deliver pure excitement and adventure to young speed enthusiasts.

With a mind-blowing top speed of 45Km/h, the King of Speed is not your average ride-on. It's a high-performance electric car that offers the experience of a lifetime. Your child will feel like a true racing champion every time they hit the accelerator.

Built for Safety: Safety is our top priority. The King of Speed features advanced safety features, ensuring peace of mind for parents. Your child can enjoy the thrill of speed in a secure and controlled environment.

Incredible Realism: From its sleek design to its authentic controls, this ride-on car offers a realistic driving experience that will make your child feel like a true race car driver.

Make your child's dreams come true with the King of Speed 45Km/h Car for Kids, available exclusively at Toyzoona. Get ready to witness pure excitement and adrenaline as your little one becomes the King of Speed!