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Lego 41396 Puppy Playground

Join Mia for a playful adventure at the LEGO 41396 Puppy Playground! This
heartwarming set features Mia minidoll figure, accompanied by her adorable
dogs Cookie and Coco, in the vibrant Heartlake City Park. Kids can immerse
themselves in the joy of fun and games with Mia and her puppies.

The set includes various accessories to enhance the playtime experience, such
as Mia's sunglasses, skateboard, hairbrush, bowl, dog biscuit, bones, bows,
and even a biscuit for the dog figures!

Recommended for children aged 4 and above, this set consists of 57 pieces,
making it a delightful and accessible option for young builders.

Experience the magic of friendship and creative storytelling with LEGO 41396
Puppy Playground, available exclusively at Toyzoona. Let your child's
imagination soar as they embark on heartwarming adventures with Mia and her
lovable puppies!