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Lego 41425 Olivia Flower Garden

Discover the beauty of nature with LEGO 41425 Olivia's Flower Garden! This
enchanting set features a buildable mini-doll figure of Olivia, alongside
farmer Zobo the robot figure and a cute hamster. Get ready to immerse yourself
in a world of flowers and botanical wonders!

Young botanists can nurture rare plants and study them with Olivia, using the
strawberry cake, hat, bucket, fork, and shovel included in the set. Spark
creativity and imagination as kids cultivate their own flower garden and
engage in imaginative play.

Recommended for children aged 6 and above, this set comprises 92 pieces,
offering an enjoyable and rewarding building experience.

Experience the joy of gardening and friendship with LEGO 41425 Olivia's Flower
Garden, available exclusively at Toyzoona. Delve into the wonders of nature
and create cherished memories with this delightful LEGO set!