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Lego 41665 Stephanie Cat Cube

Surprise kids with the adorable LEGO 41665 Stephanie Cat Cube! This impromptu
gift of Stephanie's Cat Cube offers portable animal toy playset fun for little
ones aged 6+. Whether taken on a playdate or displayed in a bedroom, this cute
cube adds charm to any setting.

LEGO Friends Cubes are designed to pack big fun into a little space, and this
one is no exception. Inside, children will find a LEGO Friends Stephanie mini-
doll toy, a delightful cat figure in a surprise color, a bird companion, and a
buildable kitty gym.

Kids can enjoy playtime with the elements outside of the cube or easily pack
them up for on-the-go fun. It's the perfect playset for those who love to play
with animal toys and makes an adorable just-because creative gift.

With compact dimensions measuring over 2.5 inches (7 cm) high and 3 inches (8
cm) wide, this cube captures the hearts of kids with its cute cat styling. Let
the imagination roam freely and introduce young ones to the exciting universe
of LEGO construction fun with LEGO 41665 Stephanie Cat Cube. Display this
portable toy proudly at Toyzoona, and let the fun begin!