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Lego 60251 Monster Truck

Introducing the thrilling LEGO City Powerful Monster Truck (60251), a must-
have set for endless fun and excitement in Lego City! Designed to ignite your
child's imagination and foster creative, free play based on real-life
scenarios, this set promises hours of enjoyment for children over 5 years old.

Rest assured that the LEGO Group maintains the highest quality standards,
subjecting Lego blocks and parts to rigorous testing—including drops,
compression, twisting, heating, bending, scratches, and tensile tests—to meet
global quality benchmarks.

With a driver's minifigure positioned behind the handle, your child can
explore limitless possibilities and engage in spectacular pretend play. The
Powerful Monster Truck features large tires and a captivating fanged monster
decoration, making it both robust for playtime and visually appealing for
display. Mix and match with other sets to create your unique fun and display

This set makes for an outstanding gift not only for Christmas and birthdays
but also for kids who enjoy action-packed play and have a passion for riding
(ages 5+). The Powerful Monster Truck measures approximately 2.4 inches high x
4.0 inches long x 2.4 inches wide and comes with a driver's minifigure for
added excitement.

Best of all, no batteries are required, as your child's imagination serves as
the limitless energy source. Battery-free toys like this one enhance critical
thinking and problem-solving skills, providing a satisfying "Do-It-Yourself"

Get ready for a blast of excitement with the LEGO City Powerful Monster Truck
available at Toyzoona. Let your child explore the boundaries of creativity and
adventure with this awesome set that combines fun, learning, and action in one
thrilling package!

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