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Lego 60304 Road Plates

Unlock endless creative possibilities with LEGO 60304 Road Plates! This
fantastic set empowers kids to build their very own LEGO city with a
customizable road network layout. Watch as their imagination comes to life,
crafting a bustling city center filled with excitement and adventure.

Product offers 5 LEGO road base plates featuring intricate traffic lane
markings, speed bumps, and a crosswalk, creating a realistic backdrop for
interactive play. But the excitement doesn't stop there! With glow-in-the-dark
streetlights, toy traffic lights, road signs, LEGO trees, and greenery, kids
can add a touch of authenticity to their city, day or night.

Expand the cityscape further by connecting and combining this set with others
from the LEGO City town center series, available at toyzoona. With LEGO 60304
Road Plates, the possibilities are limitless, and kids can let their
creativity run wild as they build, play, and explore their very own LEGO city.