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Lego 71749 Final Flight Of Destiny


Set sail on a thrilling LEGO NINJAGO adventure with the Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty (71749) playset, available at Toyzoona. This action-packed LEGO ship is perfect for young builders looking to embark on exciting ninja missions.

The playset includes four minifigures, featuring ninjas Kai, Zane, and Jay, along with their formidable adversary, Ghost Ninja Karenn. Plus, a Starter Brick is included to kickstart the building fun, ensuring that young builders can dive right into the action.

Destiny's Bounty ship is loaded with incredible features, including a foil sail, rotating boosters, a steering wheel, a detachable jet ski toy, and an anchor on a chain, all of which will ignite young imaginations.

But that's not all! The playset also includes a dragon toy with flapping wings, activated by applying pressure to its back, and a saddle for the ninja minifigures to ride in. This versatile playset is a fantastic birthday or holiday gift for enthusiastic ninja fans aged 4 and up, eager to explore the world of LEGO building at Toyzoona.