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Lego 76408 Grimmauld Place

Transform your LEGO 76408 12 Grimmauld Place brick model from darkness to
brilliance with the specially designed LED Light Kit! This unique lighting kit
is tailor-made for your LEGO set, bringing it to life with a stunning glow and
adding a whole new dimension to your creation. (Please note that this is only
an LED light set, LEGO sets are not included.)

Crafted with safety in mind, all parts of this LED light set are handcrafted
with original safety-friendly materials, ensuring a smooth and hazard-free
experience. The LEDs emit a uniform light pattern, and the cable connectors
fit seamlessly together for easy installation.

Building your illuminated masterpiece is a breeze with the detailed step-by-
step photo instructions provided. Unleash your imagination and creativity to
make your creations truly one-of-a-kind. Handle the LED lights with care
during installation to avoid any damage.

Power up your LED lights with either batteries or a USB connection (batteries
not included). For brighter results, USB power is recommended, and the voltage
should be less than 1A 5V to avoid any potential harm.

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