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Lego City Airport Air Race 60260

Join the Thrilling LEGO City Airport Air Race 60260 at Toyzoona! This action-
packed set features 2 ripcord helicopters and a stunt toy plane, each equipped
with opening cockpits to accommodate any of the 3 included minifigure pilots.
Launch the helicopters into the air using ripcord tools and watch them soar at
the pull of a cord! Who will fly the farthest?

Included are 3 minifigures, including the popular character Rivera from the
LEGO City Adventures TV series, along with LEGO City Xtreme and Vitarush
pilots. Create your own pretend runway with 2 course pylons, and witness the
aircraft with spinnable propellers and opening minifigure cockpits compete in
a thrilling air race.

Designed for kids aged 5 and above, this set offers a rewarding building
experience with Instructions PLUS. Utilize the LEGO Building Instructions app
for mobiles to zoom, rotate, and visualize the assembly process.

Prepare for adrenaline-pumping aerial adventures with LEGO City Airport Air
Race 60260, available now at Toyzoona!