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Lego Statue Of Liberty 21042

Discover the awe-inspiring LEGO Statue of Liberty 21042 at Toyzoona! Bring the
iconic symbol of freedom and democracy into your home or office with this
stunning model.

Embark on a rewarding building experience, perfect for architecture
enthusiasts, travel lovers, history buffs, and design aficionados alike. With
1,685 pieces, this set offers a captivating challenge that will captivate
builders young and old.

The intricate details of the pedestal and the majestic Lady Liberty statue,
complete with her crown and golden torch, make this LEGO model a true
masterpiece. Standing over 17 inches (44cm) tall, 5 inches (14cm) wide, and 5
inches (14cm) deep, it will surely become a symbolic centerpiece in any space.

This LEGO Statue of Liberty set is not just a toy; it's a work of art that
celebrates the essence of liberty and democracy. Suitable for boys and girls
over 16 years old, it makes a remarkable gift for anyone with a passion for
history, architecture, and design.

Bring the spirit of freedom home with the LEGO Statue of Liberty 21042 from
Toyzoona, and let your imagination soar as you recreate this iconic monument
in brick form!