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Lego Street Sweeper 60249

Get ready for some clean, imaginative play with the LEGO Street Sweeper 60249!
This engaging toy is designed to captivate young minds with its real-life
scenarios, introducing them to the exciting world of LEGO City.

The City Street Sweeper is the perfect companion for little builders who love
independent play. It comes equipped with a minifigure driver's space, a
garbage can, a shovel, and even a slippery banana! Watch as the realistic
brushes spin when the sweeper is pushed along, adding an authentic touch to
the play experience.

One of the best features of this awesome LEGO City toy is its versatility.
Kids can combine it with other playsets to unlock even more fun and
creativity. Whether they want to clean up the streets, go on thrilling
adventures, or build their unique cityscape, the possibilities are limitless.

This action-filled toy is an ideal gift for children aged 5 and above who have
a passion for trucks and toy trucks. It sparks their imagination, offers
endless build-and-play enjoyment, and makes for a fantastic present for any
occasion, be it a holiday, birthday, or just a special day.

The LEGO Street Sweeper measures over 2" (6cm) high, 3" (10cm) long, and 2"
(7cm) wide, providing ample space for the minifigure driver in the cab and
room in the back for that slippery banana!

Add this captivating LEGO set to your collection, and head over to Toyzoona to
embark on exciting cleaning adventures and create unforgettable memories with
this impressive LEGO City Street Sweeper!

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