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LOL Surprise Summer Supreme

Introducing the LOL Surprise Summer Dayz Doll - Independent Queen! Get ready
to embark on a fantastic adventure with Independent Queen and Jubilee as they
soak up the sun and explore new horizons. Unveil the wonders of those endless
summer days with our earth-conscious PAPER BALL packaging that houses 7
delightful surprises.

Independent Queen, the epitome of a sun-loving diva, arrives in an adorable
summery ensemble with perfectly matching shoes, a refreshing bottle, stylish
glasses, a tasty snack accessory, and a mysterious secret message. Prepare for
hours of imaginative pretend play with this captivating doll!

Delve into the excitement of unboxing 7 surprises, designed to enhance your
enjoyment of the season. Revel in the delight of uncovering the limited
edition LOL Surprise Summer Supreme doll, along with a fashionable outfit,
trendy shoes, a charming bottle, cool glasses, a delectable snack accessory,
and another intriguing secret message. With each surprise, the fun keeps

Prepare for an enchanting water surprise! Feed or bathe Independent Queen to
witness her magical transformation. Will your doll shed tears, produce a
playful spray, or simply tinkle with joy? The anticipation builds as you
discover the doll's unique water feature.

Experience the eco-friendly allure of our brand-new packaging innovation - the
all-new PAPER BALL. As we strive to be more environmentally conscious,
Independent Queen is now lovingly wrapped in this sustainable packaging,
emphasizing our commitment to the planet. Join us in embracing sustainable
practices while enjoying the excitement of unboxing!

Collect the entire crew of dolls and immerse yourself in the excitement of
summer with Independent Queen and Jubilee. Please note that each doll is sold
separately, allowing you to mix and match for endless fun in the sun! Expand
your collection and create your own summer adventures!

Offering stylish hair, captivating outfits, and a plethora of accessory
pieces, LOL Surprise dolls make exceptional gifts for imaginative pretend
play. Suitable for children aged 4 and above, these dolls provide countless
hours of social play, encouraging creativity and storytelling. Surprise your
little one with a gift that sparks their imagination and brings joy to special
occasions. Let the adventure begin with LOL Surprise Summer Dayz Doll -
Independent Queen!

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