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Rainbow High Jr High S2 Ast 1

Unlock the world of creativity with Rainbow High! Take a trip back in time and
meet your favorite students Bella, Stella, Karma, River, Krystal, and Amaya
before they embarked on their creative journey to Rainbow High. Each themed
playset, available for purchase at Toyzoona, includes a complete doll outfit,
a doll with new younger face-sculpts, and a soft vinyl backpack to carry their
school essentials. Get ready for endless joy and imaginative storytelling

GORGEOUS FEATURES: Bella Parker, dressed in her iconic PINK ensemble,
captivates with her stunning appearance. With a gorgeous younger face sculpt,
detailed fashion features, beautiful long straight pink hair, long eyelashes,
and mesmerizing glass eyes, she is a true beauty. Complete your collection
with the Rainbow of all the gorgeous Jr High fashion dolls.

JR HIGH FASHION: Bella, a girl who knows how to turn dreams into reality, had
a keen sense of style even at a young age. She rocks a tweed satin dress, a
charmeuse white top with a satin black ribbon, pink pumps, sheer socks, and
essential school accessories that reflect her creative perfectionism.

SCHOOL ESSENTIALS: Bella always comes prepared with her adorable quilted pink
backpack. This soft fabric satin backpack opens and closes with a RH heart
charm and features chain ribbon straps. It's the perfect accessory to store
her hair accessories and keep her essentials close at hand.

POSE YOUNGER & OLDER BELLA TOGETHER: With a height of 9 inches, Bella is fully
articulated and posable, allowing for glamorous poses. Create a perfect
collector combo by displaying her alongside her older version, capturing the
evolution of her style and personality. Explore the Rainbow High collections
by visiting the Amazon Rainbow High Brand Store.

Rainbow High inspires creativity in girls and boys aged 6 and above. From
collectors to young enthusiasts, everyone can join the fun by collecting the
colors of the rainbow, from pink to purple to iridescent pearl! Celebrate
holidays, Christmas, and birthdays with excitement and imagination through the
magic of Rainbow High and its stunning Jr High fashion dolls.

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Unlock your creativity and collect the Rainbow of Jr High fashion dolls from
Rainbow High. Shop now at Toyzoona and let your imagination shine bright!