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Twister Game

It’s the Twister game from Toyzoona, the classic game that ties players up in knots! This
action-packed group game is fun for parties or a game night with the family.
See where the spinner lands and make a move. Left hand red, piece of cake!
Right hand yellow, no problemo! Hilarity ensues as players twist, turn, tangle
-- and struggle to keep their hands and feet glued to the mat. Right foot blue
… uh oh, this is getting tough! Who can do it? Once a player topples over, or
their knee or elbow hits the mat, they're out. The last player standing wins!
For ages 6 and up, the Classic Twister game is a fun thing to do while staying
at home, and it’s a great outdoor game for kids to play with family and
friends. Are you ready to be the next Twister game champ?

* WHO’S GOT THE MOVES: Classic Twister gameplay challenges players to place their hands and feet on red
* GIVE THE SPINNER A WHIRL: See where it lands and make a move. Right foot red, off to a good start. Left foot green, you’ve got this. Left hand blue … wait, is that physically possible. Give it a shot
* INDOOR ACTIVITY FOR KIDS: Stuck inside. The Classic Twister game is an action-packed way for kids, tweens, and teens to "get their energy out." (Parents, rejoice)
* FUN PARTY GAME TO PLAY IN TEAMS: This group game includes instructions to play in teams, along with tips for hosting a Twister tournament. Break out the mat for game night too
* TYING PLAYERS UP IN KNOTS FOR GENERATIONS: Who doesn’t remember playing this Hasbro game as a kid. The Twister game is for adults and kids age 6 and up. Families can join in the fun together
* Out-twist your opponents in the game that ties you up in knots
* For 2 to 4 players
* Includes vinyl mat, spinner board and instructions.