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4M Color Lab Mixer 04919

Type: Educational

Discover the world of color mixing and ignite your child's creativity with the 4M Color Lab Mixer. This captivating science kit combines art and science, providing children aged 8 and above with an exciting hands-on experience. With 18 engaging projects to choose from, your little ones will be entertained and educated for hours on end. Inside the box, you'll find everything needed to embark on a colorful journey: 3 food dye tablets, 3 test tubes with caps, a convenient test tube rack, a dropper, a spoon, a container, a color mixing tray, 3 squeeze bottles, tissue paper, a color pattern card, a packet of glitter, and a detailed instruction booklet. The 4M Color Lab Mixer encourages children to think outside the box and explore the fascinating science of colors. By following the step-by-step instructions and experimenting with different combinations, kids will witness mesmerizing color transformations right before their eyes. Furthermore, this kit includes exciting water science tricks that will surely amaze their friends and family. Not only is the 4M Color Lab Mixer an incredible source of entertainment, but it also fosters valuable skills in your child. From enhancing their creativity and problem-solving abilities to nurturing their scientific curiosity, this toy provides a fun and educational experience like no other. Get ready for endless hours of fun and learning as your child becomes a master color mixer with the 4M Color Lab Mixer. Order yours today from Toyzoona and watch as your little one unleashes their imagination while diving into the captivating world of colors and science.