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4M Easy To Do Knitting 02753

Type: Educational

Introduce your child to the art of knitting with the 4M Knitting Art Arts & Crafts Toy. This beginners knitting kit provides all the essentials for a child to start their knitting journey. The kit includes sufficient yarn to create a lovely handbag and a mini music player holder or a colorful cushion cover. The 4M Knitting Art Arts & Crafts Toy comes with two pairs of knitting needles, allowing children to practice their knitting skills and create their desired projects. Additionally, a plastic sewing needle is included for finishing touches and sewing up any loose ends. With a variety of different colored yarn, children can unleash their creativity and personalize their knitting projects. Whether they choose to make a stylish handbag or a cozy cushion cover, the possibilities for creative expression are endless. This knitting kit is designed for beginners, making it suitable for children who are just starting their knitting journey. It provides a hands-on and enjoyable activity that promotes concentration, patience, and fine motor skills. Discover the joy of knitting with the 4M Knitting Art Arts & Crafts Toy. Order yours today from Toyzoona and watch as your child learns and creates beautiful knitted items, fostering their artistic talents and sparking their imagination.