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4M Eco Tech Bulb 3426

Type: Educational

Illuminate your surroundings in an eco-friendly way with the 4M Eco Tech Bulb 3426. This ingenious overhead lamp harnesses the power of gravity to provide light. Simply hang the lamp, and it will self-charge, lighting up your surroundings without the need for batteries or electricity. Additionally, you can bring the lamp with you and use the hand crank to create a dynamo torch, providing light wherever you go. The 4M Eco Tech Bulb 3426 is a part of the Green Science range of educational toys. It offers a unique and cool way for children to learn about renewable energy sources. By using gravity and the hand crank, kids gain a hands-on understanding of how alternative energy can power everyday items. The kit includes one set of plastic parts, one meter of rope, seven screws, one set of foam strip, and detailed instructions. Please note that a small cross head screw and a plastic bottle are required but not included in the kit. Not only is the 4M Eco Tech Bulb 3426 an educational toy, but it also contributes to environmental sustainability. By using renewable energy sources, this lamp is a great way to reduce reliance on traditional power sources and promote a greener future. Illuminate your world with the power of gravity and renewable energy. Order the 4M Eco Tech Bulb 3426 from Toyzoona today and experience a fascinating and eco-friendly way to light up your surroundings.