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4M Fairy Light Bulb 04772

Type: Educational

Let your imagination shine with the 4M Fairy Light Bulb by KidzMaker. This DIY kit allows you to create your very own magical fairy light bulb decoration. The kit includes a clear plastic light bulb-shaped ornament, string lights, glitter, and decorative stickers. With step-by-step illustrated instructions, you can easily decorate the bulb according to your personal style, creating a unique and enchanting decoration that can be hung up anywhere. The 4M Fairy Light Bulb lets you bring a touch of magic to any room. The string lights inside the bulb make it glow and shimmer, creating a perfect nightlight that adds a whimsical ambiance to your space. Let your creativity flow as you apply the art paper, add glitter powder, and place fairy stickers on the transparent film. You can even add your own unique twist to make it truly one-of-a-kind. This kit is a fantastic activity for kids and adults alike. It offers a fun and creative way to spend time together or as a solo project. It also makes for a thoughtful and personalized gift that will brighten up someone's day. The 4M Fairy Light Bulb kit includes string lights with five lightbulbs, a lightbulb bottle, a light bulb cover, a plastic clip, tissue paper, transparent film, a glitter pack, glue, a sponge brush, and detailed step-by- step instructions. Please note that a small Phillips head screwdriver, two AA-1.5V batteries, and scissors are required but not included in the kit. Adult supervision is also required. The kit is suitable for ages 5 and up. Let your creativity shine bright with the 4M Fairy Light Bulb. Order yours today from Toyzoona and create a magical fairyland that illuminates your imagination and adds a touch of wonder to any space.