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4M Motorised Robotic Arm 03413

Type: Educational

Unleash the engineer within with the 4M Motorised Robotic Arm. This science kit provides children with an exciting opportunity to learn about robotics and engineering.

The kit includes all the necessary materials to build a motorised robotic arm. With detailed instructions, children can easily assemble the arm, which features five joints for a wide range of movement. Once built, the arm can be programmed to pick up and move objects using the wired remote control.

Recommended for children ages 8 and up, the 4M Motorised Robotic Arm is a fun and educational toy. It encourages children to explore the principles of robotics and mechanics while developing their problem-solving skills and creativity.

Please note that two AA batteries are required to power the motorised robotic arm, and they are not included in the kit.

Spark the curiosity of young minds with the 4M Motorised Robotic Arm, available at Toyzoona. Let your child embark on a thrilling journey into the world of robotics and engineering.