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4M Mould And Paint Unicorn 4708

Type: Educational

Unleash the magic of creativity with the 4M Mould and Paint Unicorn craft kit! This kit offers children the opportunity to create their very own unicorn figurines using plaster of Paris and molds. The kit includes six different molds, six paint pots, a paintbrush, and a bag of plaster of Paris.

The process is simple and engaging. Children mix the plaster of Paris with water and pour the mixture into the molds, patiently waiting for them to set. Once the unicorns have hardened, children can dive into a world of color and imagination as they paint and decorate their creations.

The 4M Mould and Paint Unicorn kit provides a fun and creative activity for children, fostering their hand-eye coordination and artistic skills. It comes with everything needed for the crafting experience, including molds with six assorted designs, plaster, magnets, brooch pins, paints, and a paintbrush.

This creative art kit is suitable for children aged 5 years and above, making it a perfect choice for little ones who love arts and crafts. Let their imaginations soar and artistic abilities flourish with this amazing kit, available exclusively at toyzoona.