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4M Mould Paint Glow Space 03546

Type: Educational

Introducing the 4M Mould Paint Glow Space - a captivating activity kit that empowers children to create their own glow-in-the-dark space-themed characters. Unleash your child's creativity and imagination with this engaging kit.

The 4M Mould Paint Glow Space kit provides everything needed to mold and paint six different space figures, including a rocket ship, an astronaut, and an alien. With molds, plaster powder, paint, and glow paint, children can bring their cosmic creations to life. Additionally, a brush, magnets, and glow stars are included to decorate the finished figures.

This kit not only offers a fun and interactive activity but also promotes educational benefits. It encourages creativity, enhances fine motor skills, and sparks imaginative play. Children can explore the wonders of space while engaging in hands-on crafting.

The 4M Mould Paint Glow Space kit is a creative art kit that comes neatly packaged and ready to inspire your child's artistic side. Whether they want to make badges or fridge magnets, this kit contains enough materials for 12 creations, ensuring hours of entertainment.

Ideal for children who love arts and crafts, the 4M Mould Paint Glow Space kit is suitable for ages 5 years and above. It's a perfect gift that combines creativity, learning, and fun.

Experience the joy of crafting and explore the mysteries of space with the 4M Mould Paint Glow Space kit, available at toyzoona. Watch as your child's imagination takes flight and their artistic skills soar.