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4M Mould Paint Racers 03544

Type: Educational

Rev up your child's creativity with the 4M Mould and Paint Racers kit! This engaging activity set allows kids to create their very own race cars using molds and plaster. The kit includes six different molds for car bodies, wheels, and drivers, along with paint and a brush for adding color and details.

The process is both creative and educational. Kids can mold their race cars using the provided molds and plaster, allowing them to explore hands-on learning while developing their fine motor skills. Once the plaster has dried, they can unleash their artistic side by painting their cars with the vibrant paints included in the kit. The final step involves assembling the cars and getting ready for thrilling races on any flat surface.

The 4M Mould and Paint Racers kit is designed to encourage creativity and hands-on learning. It provides a fun and engaging activity that allows kids to express their imagination while developing important skills. With enough materials for 12 badges or fridge magnets, this kit offers ample opportunities for creative exploration and sharing with friends and family.

Unleash your child's creative side with the 4M Mould and Paint Racers kit, available exclusively at toyzoona. It's the perfect way to combine imagination, creativity, and fun in one exciting package.