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4M My Design Portfolio Studio 04720

KSh2,700.00 Regular price KSh3,900.00
Type: Educational

Introducing the 4M My Design Portfolio Studio 04720 - the ultimate art set for aspiring young fashion designers. This comprehensive studio equips children with all the tools they need to bring their fashion dreams to life. From sketching to sewing, this set has it all.

Unleash creativity and foster artistic skills with the 4M My Design Portfolio Studio 04720. Featuring a sketchbook, stencils, fabric swatches, buttons, and a mannequin, this set provides endless possibilities for creating unique clothing and accessory pieces. The included guide book serves as a valuable resource, offering instructions, inspiration, and valuable tips and techniques for designing various styles and embellishments.

With this studio, children have the opportunity to become the fashion designers of tomorrow, as they design their very own customized fashion collection. By engaging with the multitude of templates provided, young designers can let their imagination soar and create their own unique model line.

Not only does the 4M My Design Portfolio Studio 04720 offer endless creative potential, but it also ensures hours of fun and joy for children. This fashion studio becomes a cherished companion in their room, providing long-lasting entertainment day after day.

Safety is a top priority, and while this studio is designed for children, it should always be used under proper adult supervision. At toyzoona, we prioritize the well-being and safety of your child, ensuring they can enjoy this toy with peace of mind.

Get ready to make dreams come true, encourage imagination, and experience the fun and joy of fashion design with the 4M My Design Portfolio Studio 04720. This comprehensive art set is the perfect tool for nurturing creativity and developing artistic skills in children.