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4M My Unicorn Stepping Stone 04759

Type: Educational

Create a magical path with the 4M My Unicorn Stepping Stone kit! This creative kit allows kids to make their very own personalized stepping stones with a unicorn theme. The kit includes a mold, cement mix, paint, and stickers to create a unique and enchanting stepping stone.

With the 4M My Unicorn Stepping Stone kit, kids can mix and pour the cement into the mold, creating the base of their stepping stone. Once the cement has set, they can let their imagination run wild as they decorate the stone with the included paint and stickers, adding their own special touch to the design.

Engaging in this fun and interactive activity encourages creativity, imagination, and basic crafting skills. It's a structured framework that allows children to develop their artistic abilities while enjoying the process of creating their very own unicorn-themed stepping stone.

Suitable for children ages 8 and up, the 4M My Unicorn Stepping Stone kit provides a fantastic opportunity for kids to express themselves artistically and create a unique piece of outdoor decor.

Let your child's creativity shine and their imagination flourish with the 4M My Unicorn Stepping Stone kit, available exclusively at toyzoona. It's a delightful activity that combines artistry, imagination, and a touch of magic!