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4M Steam Intruder Alarm Robot

Type: Educational
The 4M Steam Intruder Alarm Robot is an exciting science kit that empowers
kids to construct their very own robot capable of detecting movement and
illuminating, all while sounding an alarm when an intruder is detected. With
this kit, children will find all the essential components necessary for
building the robot, along with detailed assembly and operation instructions.
By engaging in this hands-on experience, kids are introduced to fundamental
concepts in electronics and robotics, fostering their creativity and problem-
solving abilities.

Experience the thrill of building your own alarm robot, which can be
conveniently hung on a doorknob, providing you with a reliable alert system
against potential intruders. As you assemble the robot, you'll gain a
comprehensive understanding of how circuits function and delve into other
STEM-based concepts. Plus, the loud alarm incorporated in the design ensures
that unwanted intruders are kept at bay, enhancing the security of your
personal space.

Included in the kit are all the parts required to construct the alarm robot,
accompanied by clear and user-friendly instructions to facilitate the building
process. Please note that the kit requires one AA battery (not included) to
power the robot.

Embrace the world of robotics, electronics, and STEM education with the 4M
Steam Intruder Alarm Robot, available exclusively at toyzoona.