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4M Steam Motorised Origami Bird

Type: Educational
The 4M Steam Motorised Origami Bird is a captivating DIY kit that enables
children to bring a mechanical bird to life with flapping wings. This kit
provides pre-cut paper pieces, gears, and a motor, allowing kids to follow
step-by-step instructions to fold the paper and assemble the bird. Once the
motor is attached, the bird springs into action as its wings flap in a
mesmerizing motion driven by the spinning gears.

Not only does this kit provide hours of entertainment, but it also serves as
an educational tool, encouraging creativity, problem-solving skills, and
fostering an understanding of basic engineering principles. Children aged 8
years and above can dive into the world of basic origami and mechanics while
discovering the joy of bringing their own creation to life.

The 4M Steam Motorised Origami Bird is an excellent addition to the 4M product
lineup, designed to stimulate mental development and focus on STEAM (Science,
Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) principles. This hands-on
experience ignites kids' imaginations, combining the art of origami with the
excitement of mechanical engineering.

The package dimensions of the kit are 6.0 L x 24.0 H x 24.0 W (centimeters),
making it a compact and convenient option for creative play and learning.
Discover the wonders of origami and mechanics with the 4M Steam Motorised
Origami Bird, available exclusively at toyzoona.