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4M Steam Solar System String Lights

Type: Educational

The 4M Steam Solar System String Lights is a science-based educational toy that offers a captivating and artistic experience, designed specifically for girls. This kit aims to teach children about the solar system while fostering their creativity. It includes a set of plastic planets that can be customized with paint and strung together using LED lights, resulting in a stunning and informative display.

The LED lights are solar-powered, making them environmentally friendly and allowing for versatile placement indoors or outdoors. By hanging up the finished string lights, children can showcase their unique creation while illuminating their surroundings with a captivating solar system theme.

In addition to the planets and lights, the set also includes a detailed instruction booklet, guiding children through the process of creating their very own solar system display. This hands-on activity encourages children to engage with space and science concepts in a fun and creative way.

As an added bonus, the kit includes a poster featuring scientific space facts, further enhancing children's knowledge and understanding of our solar system. The combination of science, art, and hands-on learning makes the 4M Steam Solar System String Lights an ideal choice for encouraging creativity and inspiring children to explore the wonders of space.

Experience the joy of creating beautiful solar system-themed string lights while expanding your knowledge of space. Get your hands on the 4M Steam Solar System String Lights, available exclusively at toyzoona.