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4M Thinking Kits First Learning Clock

Type: Educational
The 4M Thinking Kits First Learning Clock is a captivating and educational toy
that enables children to learn how to tell time in an interactive and engaging
manner. This kit introduces children, aged 4 years and above, to the
fundamental concepts of time and using a calendar, promoting their cognitive

The learning clock is not only informative but also customizable, allowing
children to decorate it according to their preferences. By personalizing their
clock, kids can feel a sense of ownership and engage more deeply with the
learning process.

This STEM-based learning kit offers a hands-on experience that helps children
grasp the concepts of time telling and schedule planning. Through interactive
play, they enhance their problem-solving skills, time management abilities,
abstract thinking, and understanding of the abstract concept of time.

The 4M Thinking Kits First Learning Clock includes a digital time display, 20
time number cards, and detailed instructions complete with lesson ideas to
facilitate learning and exploration. The kit is designed to be user-friendly
and provides a comprehensive educational experience for young learners.

Introduce your child to the fascinating world of time with the 4M Thinking
Kits First Learning Clock, available exclusively at toyzoona. Watch as they
develop important skills while having fun and gaining a solid foundation in
time telling and calendar concepts.

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