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4M Unicorn Glitter Sand Art 4749

Type: Educational

Introducing the 4M 404749 Unicorn Glitter Sand Art Unit: a delightful arts and crafts kit that allows children to create their own dazzling glitter art pictures. With its easy-to-follow process, this kit provides a fun and engaging activity for kids to enjoy.

Creating glitter art pictures is a breeze with the 4M Unicorn Glitter Sand Art Unit. Simply peel the protective layer from the sticky boards and sprinkle the brilliantly colored glitter sand onto the exposed adhesive to bring your picture to life.

The kit contains everything needed to create two glitter art pictures with frames. It includes 2 pre-cut sticky boards, 8 packs of brilliantly colored glitter sand, and 2 frames for mounting your completed sand art masterpieces.

This creative activity is not only enjoyable but also enhances fine motor skills and encourages artistic expression. Children can explore their creativity as they design and decorate their glitter art pictures with a touch of sparkle.

The 4M 404749 Unicorn Glitter Sand Art Unit makes for an ideal gift for children who enjoy arts and crafts. It provides a fantastic opportunity for imaginative play and allows kids to proudly display their finished artwork.

Unleash your child's creativity with this enchanting glitter sand art kit, available at Toyzoona. Let their imagination soar and watch as they create magical masterpieces that sparkle and shine.