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4M Weather Science 03402

Type: Educational

Discover the wonders of weather with the 4M Weather Science Kit! This captivating kit is the ideal gift for young meteorologists and aspiring scientists. With six thrilling activities, children can delve into the workings of real-world weather. Experience the power of static electricity that sparks lightning, create clouds in the palm of your hand, construct a desktop water cycle model, observe air currents generating wind, and explore the greenhouse effect and acid rain.

Uncover the secrets behind our weather systems and gain a deeper understanding through these engaging activities. Experiment with static electricity, which ignites bolts of lightning. Construct a desktop water cycle model and witness the fascinating process of cloud formation right in your own hands. Observe air currents in action as they produce wind and learn about the impact of the greenhouse effect and acid rain.

Please note that this product is suitable for children aged 8 and above. It involves the use of alcohol, so adult supervision is required throughout the experiment.

4M toys and kits are designed to stimulate your child's imagination and provide a fun learning experience. From science kits to arts and crafts kits, robotics kits, and more, 4M offers a wide range of educational toys covering various subjects. Build a clock, crochet a placemat, or transform your room into a planetarium with 4M toys and kits – all designed to make learning enjoyable.

Explore the wonders of weather and scientific discovery with the 4M Weather Science Kit, available at Toyzoona.