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Bakugan Evo Battle Arena

Type: Action Toys

Introducing the Bakugan Evo Battle Arena! Take your Bakugan brawls to the next level with this ultimate battle stage. The arena recreates the Hide Matrix from the TV show, providing an immersive and exciting battle experience for Bakugan enthusiasts of all ages.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Leonidas Bakugan: Enhance your collection with the exclusive Leonidas Bakugan included in the Battle Arena set. This special Bakugan is not available anywhere else, making it a must-have for avid collectors.

  • Fast and Easy Gameplay: The Battle Arena is designed for seamless gameplay. The hexagonal grid already on the board allows for quick and easy placement of BakuCores (included), making setup faster than ever before. Get ready to roll your new exclusive Bakugan for exciting POP OPEN Baku-Action.

  • Stay in Play: The Battle Arena comes with included bumpers to ensure that your Bakugan balls always stay in play. Enjoy uninterrupted battles and intense competitions with friends.

  • Level Up Your Battles: Experience the power of Bakugan Evolutions Season 4 with the all-new Platinum Bakugan. Collect these powerful Bakugan and Nanogan as they undergo new shapes and transformations, adding depth and excitement to your battles.

  • Complete Set: The Bakugan Evo Battle Arena includes 1 Evo Battle Arena, 1 Bakugan, 2 BakuCores, 1 Character Card, 1 Gate Card, 1 Bakugan Toy Battling Rules Book, and 1 Instruction Sheet. Everything you need to start battling and experiencing epic Bakugan showdowns.

Enter the thrilling world of Bakugan battles with the Bakugan Evo Battle Arena. Face off against opponents, strategize your moves, and aim for victory. Get yours today at Toyzoona and unleash the power of Bakugan!