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Balloon Bot Battle

Get ready for an epic battle with Balloon Bot Battle! In this thrilling and
action-packed game, two Balloon Bots enter the arena, but only one can emerge
victorious. Kids and the whole family will be captivated by the excitement of
this interactive boxing game where bots fight until the balloon pops!

Here's how to play: Two players face off against each other in each round.
Choose your Balloon Bot, blow up a balloon, and equip your bot with its
protective battle armor. Get ready for combat! With a countdown of 3, 2, 1,
the battle begins. Move in close to your opponent and unleash a barrage of
powerful punches by sliding the joystick back and forth. Be careful, as your
opponent will try to land their own punches. Avoid their jabs, crosses, and
haymakers, or your bot may be the first to burst!

The objective is to continue the battle until one player delivers the
explosive knockout punch that shatters their opponent's bot into pieces. The
last Balloon Bot standing is crowned the winner! You can determine the number
of rounds to play, and for added excitement, create a points system to
determine the ultimate victor.

Safety is a top priority with Balloon Bots. The bots' fists are equipped with
kid-safe abrasive gloves that scratch and pop the soft balloon under the bot's
armor, while remaining smooth to the touch. Setting up the next battle is a
breeze, as each Balloon Bot's base features a built-in balloon tying mechanism
that saves your fingers and is easy for children to use.

For extra fun, unleash your creativity and customize your Balloon Bot for
battle using household art supplies like markers or stickers (not included).
Capture the excitement by recording epic battles in slow-motion on a smart
device (not included) to replay the action. You can even fill the balloons
with water for a wet and wild experience!

Balloon Bot Battle is designed for two players aged 8 and up. You can play for
just a few minutes or immerse yourself in hours of thrilling gameplay. The set
includes two Balloon Bot Helmets, two Balloon Bot Bases with Joysticks, 20 7"
Balloons in assorted colors, an Eye Sticker Sheet, and a User Manual. Balloon
refills are sold separately and are compatible with most 7" balloons. Best of
all, no batteries are required!

Experience the excitement of Balloon Bot Battle and unleash your competitive
spirit. Get ready for thrilling showdowns and endless fun with this incredible
game. Available now at Toyzoona!

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Siti Khadijah Kamit
Great product

Got this product on sale. It was so worth the price for the quality we were getting.