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Barbie Big City Big Dreams Gyj23

Unlock the magic of Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams™ with the Barbie® 'Malibu'
Roberts doll from Gyj23 Imaginations. Relive an unforgettable onstage moment
as you join Barbie in her signature performance look. Watch in awe as her
dress illuminates and hear one of two original songs from the movie when you
lift the microphone to her mouth. Complete the rockin' duet by adding Barbie®
'Brooklyn' Roberts doll to your collection and embark on your own thrilling
adventures. Please note that the doll cannot stand alone, and colors and
decorations may vary.

Barbie® 'Malibu' Roberts doll is a true showstopper, inspired by Barbie: Big
City, Big Dreams™. Her microphone-activated light-up dress and captivating
melodies will transport you to the heart of the movie's magic.

Dressed in a shimmering outfit, including a stunning dress, necklace, and
shoes, Barbie® is ready to take the stage and mesmerize her audience. With the
included accessories like a guitar, headset, microphone with a stand, and
more, you can help her rock out in style.

This Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams™ doll is the perfect gift for children aged
3 to 7 who love singing and musical adventures. Let their imaginations soar as
they recreate scenes from the movie or invent their own dazzling performances.

Experience the joy of music and performance with Barbie® 'Malibu' Roberts
doll. Shop now at Toyzoona and create magical moments that will leave you in