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Barbie Boy Beach Doll Dwk07


Get ready for endless summer fun with Barbie Boy Beach Doll (DWK07) from Toyzoona! Barbie and her friends are always up for a beach day, and this doll is dressed to impress in the water. With his fabulous patterned swimming trunks, he's right on trend and full of style.

Let your imagination soar as you play out beach days, pool parties, and summer vacations with this adorable doll. Whether it's building sandcastles, splashing in the waves, or simply lounging under the sun, this doll is the perfect companion for all your beach adventures.

Collect all the Barbie Beach dolls (each sold separately) to create the ultimate beach party! Each doll is uniquely designed to match today's trends and showcase their individual style. With a diverse collection of dolls, you can create a vibrant and inclusive beach scene.

Bring the beach to life with Barbie Boy Beach Doll (DWK07) and his fashionable swimming trunks. Dive into the summer fun and make unforgettable memories. Shop now at Toyzoona and let the beach party begin!