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Barbie Color Reveal Gxy20

Experience the ultimate unboxing adventure with the Barbie Color Reveal
(GXY20) doll set available at Toyzoona! Prepare to be amazed as this set
delivers 25 surprises, including 4 repeat color-change features, a pet, two
fantasy fashion outfits, glitter, slime in a heart-shaped compact, a Barbie
doll, a child-sized charm bracelet with two charms, and a sticker.

Unlock the magic of fantasy fashion transformations with this doll set. The
fantasy looks are inspired by mermaids, fairies, or unicorns, offering endless
imaginative possibilities. The packaging itself adds to the fun, with peel-
able front panels that reveal 16 mystery bags.

One of the surprise bags contains a mystery Color Reveal doll partially
covered in a peel-able coating. Peel away to unveil the doll, then open the
remaining surprise bags to discover clothes and accessories for two complete
looks. But the surprises don't end there! Peel away to reveal a pet friend as

Activate the color-change features by dipping the sponge in ice-cold water.
Watch as the doll's face, bodice, and hair transform before your eyes. Even
the pet's face undergoes a color-change transformation, adding to the
excitement. With warm and ice-cold water, kids can repeat the wow color-change
moments over and over again.

With so many surprises and pieces, kids will have endless stories to tell and
adventures to embark on. Collect multiple dolls to mix and match accessories,
expanding the storytelling possibilities.

Each Barbie Color Reveal doll set is sold separately, subject to availability.
Please note that the doll cannot stand alone, and colors and decorations may

Unleash the magic of the Barbie Color Reveal doll set. Shop now at Toyzoona
and let the fantasy fashion fairy transformation begin!