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Barbie Colour Reveal Foam Gtr91

Introducing the exciting Barbie Color Reveal Foam Scented Surprises from the
new 2021 Barbie Color Reveal Summer Holiday collection! Choose from three
delightful themes - strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple. Each set includes 1
doll, 1 animal figurine, 2 unique styles, molding sand, and an accessory to
wear, among other surprises.

Unbox the ultimate delight with the Barbie Color Reveal doll set, featuring 25
surprises and a watermelon-scented foam reveal! Inside the package, kids will
discover a Color Reveal Barbie doll, 1 pet friend, 2 complete fashion doll
looks, 5 repeat color-change features, kinetic sand, and a child-sized charm
bracelet with a watermelon charm.

To begin the reveal experience, open the outer layer of packaging and uncover
the 19 mystery bags filled with hidden contents. Remove the tube's outer layer
of packaging, unscrew the top, and pull out a doll covered in a bright blue
Color Reveal coating.

Pour the scented bubble solution into the tube with the doll and give it a
shake. Watch as a bubbly blue foam forms, creating a colorful and magical
effect! Pull out the doll to reveal her unique look, featuring different eye
color, skin tone, molded hairstyle, and a fruit-themed fashion look. In this
set, the theme is watermelon!

Open the mystery bags to unveil even more surprises, including a pet dolphin,
two watermelon-themed fashion outfits, a plug-in ponytail hairpiece, and
additional sun-themed accessories like a sun umbrella, sand, and kinetic sand.
Don't forget to find the hidden watermelon charm inside the kinetic sand and
attach it to the included bracelet for wearing.

Use the blue sponge dipped in ice-cold water to apply color-change features,
transforming Barbie doll's lips and eyeshadow, swimsuit design, ponytail hair
extension, pet dolphin, and duffle bag.

The packaging itself adds to the fun, as the doll comes in a pink watermelon-
shaped package. After the reveal, pour the blue foaming bubble solution from
the tube for a fun foam party!

This Barbie Color Reveal Foam Scented Surprises set is a fantastic gift for
kids aged 3 to 9 years old. They can collect multiple sets to mix and match
accessories, expanding the playtime opportunities.

Experience the scented foam surprises of the Barbie Color Reveal collection.
Shop now at Toyzoona and let the summer holiday fun begin!