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Barbie Colour Reveal Gpd54

Get ready for the ultimate unboxing experience with the Barbie Color Reveal
GPD54 Carnival To Concert Fashion set! This set is packed with excitement,
featuring 25 surprises, eight repeat color-change features, two pets, two
outfits, and a Barbie doll to create day-to-night transformations over and
over again.

Discover fun transformative themes like beach to party, carnival to concert,
and dog park to movie night, with plenty of pieces for endless play. Start the
experience by opening the package and removing the 15 mystery bags with hidden
surprises through the punch-out panels at the back.

Unleash even more surprises by freeing the center tube and pulling the strip
to remove its outer layer, revealing a metallic golden Color Reveal doll
inside - a truly cool surprise! Fill the tube with warm water, then dip the
doll in and swirl her around. Watch in awe as the water turns golden, and when
the doll is pulled out, her unique features are revealed.

Each doll in the set has a different combination of eye color, hair color,
skin tone, and a decorated leotard - which doll will you reveal? Open the 15
mystery bags to uncover clothing and accessories for two complete looks,
including two color-change long-haired wigs, a small sponge, and two Color
Reveal pets.

Continue the excitement by swirling the Color Reveal pets in warm water to
uncover their looks. Use the pieces to dress the doll and create your own
storytelling moments. For a wow factor, dip the sponge in ice-cold water and
apply it to the color-change pieces, such as accessories and the doll's hair
and face, for a completely new look.

With so many surprises and pieces, the storytelling possibilities are endless.
Collect multiple sets to mix and match accessories and expand the playtime
opportunities. The Barbie Color Reveal Carnival To Concert Fashion set is the
perfect gift for kids aged 3 to 7 years old.

Unleash the excitement and creativity with the Barbie Color Reveal GPD54 set.
Shop now at Toyzoona and let the transformations begin!