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Barbie Crayola Gbk18

Unleash your creativity with the Barbie Crayola GBK18 doll! Young designers
can create unique and fresh looks for Barbie with a fun twist - fresh fruity
scents! Choose from either strawberry or pineapple scents to add an extra
sensory element to playtime.

Each doll features a scented head, a fruit decal, and accessories that include
a pair of shoes and a shaped purse with an adorable face. But that's not all!
The set also includes three fashionable pieces, including a skirt and a dress,
with two hydrochromic components. Dip the Crayola paintbrush tool into the
water bucket and use it on the clothing items to magically reveal a colorful
fruit pattern. It's an amazing transformation!

After the design is complete, let the clothing pieces dry to return them to
their original state. Then, you can start all over again, creating endless
fresh and fruity fashion combinations. Kids will love repeating the design
magic over and over for all-day play, exploring their creativity and enjoying
the unique scents.

The Barbie Crayola GBK18 doll is perfect for girls aged 3 years and above. Let
their imagination and fashion sense soar with this exciting collaboration
between Barbie and Crayola.

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