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Barbie Dream Closet Gbk10

Discover the magic of fashion with the Barbie Dream Closet GBK10! This modern
pink closet is more than 2 feet wide, offering over 10 storage spaces and
exciting features that inspire endless storytelling and creativity.

Open the closet to reveal a world of possibilities. It features a rotating
clothing rack, perfect for selecting outfits. Simply turn the knob to spin the
rack and choose from the extensive wardrobe included. With more than 25
fashions and accessories, the styling options are limitless!

Barbie doll is ready to rock any occasion with four complete outfits. From a
shimmery pink party dress to a pediatrician's outfit and a sporty scuba suit
with mask and fins, Barbie is prepared for every adventure.

Use the doll stand and full-length mirror to style and model the fabulous
looks. The customizable desk space allows kids to play out sharing fashion
ideas with friends. They can even personalize the corkboard above the desk
using the sticker sheet provided.

This Dream Closet set is designed for convenience. When playtime is over,
simply pack up and close the closet. It's easy to store or take on the go with
the sleek carrying handle.

Let your imagination soar with the Barbie Dream Closet GBK10. Create,
customize, and share fashion-forward stories with Barbie and her fabulous
wardrobe. Get ready for hours of stylish fun!

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