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Barbie Made To Move Ftg80

Join Barbie® on her exciting adventures with the Barbie Made to Move Ftg80
dolls! These dolls are designed to move in a lifelike manner, allowing you to
play out realistic actions and poses. With an impressive 22 "joints" in the
neck, upper arms, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, upper legs, knees, and ankles,
these dolls offer incredible flexibility and a wide range of motion.

No matter the story or activity, whether it's riding a bicycle, performing on
stage, doing gymnastic bends, or sitting cross-legged, Barbie® Made to Move
dolls can do it all. Their flexible moves, guided by you, bring endless
possibilities to life. The dolls come dressed in casually chic outfits that
not only enhance their dynamic posability but also encourage imaginative

Capture realistic poses for action shots, fashion shoots, or doll selfies.
With Barbie® Made to Move dolls, there's ample room for creative self-
expression, thanks to their increased range of movement. These dolls inspire
active play, creativity, and role-play fun.

Each Barbie® Made to Move doll comes with a yoga outfit and is sold
separately, subject to availability. Please note that the dolls cannot stand
alone. Colors, packaging, accessories, and decorations may vary.

Discover the world of endless movement and exciting adventures with Barbie®
Made to Move Ftg80 dolls. Let your imagination soar and embrace the fun of
active play. Find these captivating dolls and more at Toyzoona, where
creativity knows no bounds.