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Barbie Pinata Gtm84 The Birthday Lost

Embark on exciting adventures and make new animal friends with the Barbie®
Pinata Gtm84 Dolls and playsets inspired by Barbie® and Chelsea™ The Lost
Birthday™. These captivating toys ignite young imaginations, offering
thrilling exploration and delightful encounters. Join Chelsea™ doll as she
celebrates her birthday alongside her adorable baby animal pals and a special
surprise-filled present.

Engage in imaginative play by clipping Chelsea™ doll and her monkey friend
into the playset, then spin them around to help Chelsea™ swing at the surprise
reveal gift. As the gift breaks open, a vibrant assortment of plug-and-play
accessories will pour out, offering endless decorating possibilities for the
tree and Chelsea™ doll's cake. Join Chelsea™ and her baby sloth and monkey
friends in the festivities and let their imagination soar. The animal pals can
also be plugged into the playset, adding an extra layer of active play and
inspiring storytelling adventures. Please note that the doll cannot stand
alone, and colors and decorations may vary.

Discover these captivating Barbie® Pinata Gtm84 Dolls and playsets at
Toyzoona. Fuel the imagination and engage in exciting play that will keep
young minds entertained for hours. Let the exploration and friendship-filled
adventures begin!