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Barbie Princess Gml76

Let young dreamers enter a magical world of imagination with Barbie Princess
Gml76 dolls inspired by Barbie Princess Adventure. These dolls transport
children to a faraway land where their creativity knows no bounds.

Barbie doll herself is royally trendy, dressed in a pink top and high-low
skirt adorned with sweet and sparkly graphics, including inspiring words like
"believe," "happy," and "dream." Completing her fashionable ensemble is a
metallic, fur-lined jacket that adds a touch of shine, along with bright blue
high-tops for a pop of color. The stylish accessories included with the doll,
such as a pink tiara, platform sandals, pearl-detailed purse, cat-eye
sunglasses, necklace, and smartphone, allow young imaginations to create
endless fashion fairytales.

No royal adventure would be complete without a furry companion, and Barbie
doll's pet puppy joins in on the fun, wearing her own tiara and collar.
Together, Barbie and her adorable pet are ready for all kinds of royal

Inspired by Barbie Princess Adventure, these dolls ignite the imagination of
children aged 3 to 7 years old. As they follow Barbie and her friends on their
journey, young minds can dream up their own royal adventures and explore the
limitless possibilities. Barbie encourages children to envision everything
they can become.

To expand the kingdom and create even more enchanting tales, kids can collect
more Barbie Princess Adventure dolls and toys. Each sold separately, subject
to availability. Please note that the doll cannot stand alone, and colors and
decorations may vary.

Unlock the world of Barbie Princess Adventure at Toyzoona and let your child's
imagination reign supreme. With these dolls, the realm of royal dreams awaits.