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Barbie Swim N Dive Ghk23

Dive into endless storytelling adventures with Barbie Swim 'n Dive Ghk23 doll.
Inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, Barbie is dressed in stylish
swimwear with sporty stripes and shimmery accents.

When it's time to make a splash, simply press the lever on Barbie's waist to
watch her legs move, simulating realistic swimming action. Kids can bring
their imaginative water adventures to life as Barbie "swims" through their

Barbie's puppy friend adds even more excitement to the play. Place the puppy
on the diving board, and it can perform an impressive flip. Additionally, the
puppy can double as a squirt toy when filled with water, adding a fun water
play element to the experience.

The Swim 'n Dive set comes with swim-themed accessories, including a water
polo ball, goggles, a gold medal, sandals, a towel, and a water bottle. These
accessories allow kids to enhance their play and create different scenarios
for Barbie's swimming adventures.

By playing with Barbie, girls can let their imaginations run wild and imagine
all the incredible things they can become. Collect all the Barbie Dreamhouse
Adventures dolls and toys to recreate favorite moments from the series or
invent new adventures of your own. Each item is sold separately, subject to

Unleash the power of storytelling and sports with Barbie Swim 'n Dive Ghk23
doll. Available at Toyzoona, this playset is perfect for inspiring creativity
and encouraging active play.