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Barbie Swim N Race Pups X8404

Get ready for a swimming race like no other with the Barbie Swim N Race Pups
X8404 playset. Barbie doll's adorable puppies are ready to dive in and compete
to see who's the fastest. Girls can wind up the puppies' ears and place them
on the slides. With a quick activation from Barbie doll's mechanism in her
back, the race begins!

As the puppies hit the water, they zoom down the channel, creating an exciting
race. Fill the pool up to the first line to ensure a thrilling competition.
Girls can rotate the flag to designate the winner's lane, determining the
champion of the race. Fill the pool up to the second line and watch the
puppies swim freely, enjoying their time in the water.

But that's not all! Barbie doll, dressed in her stylish one-shoulder bikini,
can also carry her pups around. When Barbie lifts them up, the puppies shake
their wet ears all over her, adding a realistic touch to the puppy play.

The Barbie Swim N Race Pups playset includes 1 Barbie doll, 2 swimming
puppies, a pool, a slide platform, and a flag. Girls will love helping Barbie
train her pups and experiencing the excitement of the swimming race. It's a
fun-filled adventure that encourages imaginative play and creativity.

Experience the joy of swimming and competition with Barbie and her adorable
pups. Get the Barbie Swim N Race Pups playset, available at Toyzoona, and let
the racing fun begin!